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Welcome to Right To Be’s
Hate and Hope Tracker!

Here, you can document harassment online, in the media, or in your own personal life. You’ll also find ways to document moments of bystander intervention and support others experiencing harassment.

We collect all types of stories of harassment and hope, and as we move through the 2024 US Election, we want to shine a light on election-related hate and harassment.


Stories Of Hate

Hate can be a harmful or malicious act towards that is based on factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or beliefs. Hate can show up as verbal abuse, discrimination, violence, or even systemic oppression.


Stories Of Hope

Any action taken expecting a potential positive outcome for an individual or a community. Hope can show up as small gestures of optimism like offering support or as more significant efforts like gatherings organized by people who care.


Offline Stories


Online Stories


Media Stories

We started tracking stories of hate and hope with locations in May 2024, so only stories submitted after that date will appear on the map.

Platform impact

Research has shown that when people tell their stories on our site, they feel validated and see their experiences as part of a larger injustice. A program evaluation of our platform also revealed that our users appreciated connecting with others who could empathize with their experiences and understand the impacts of harassment.

In response to the recent rise of hate in the U.S., we have expanded our storytelling platform to create the Hate and Hope Tracker to track the trajectory of hate and hope throughout the 2024 election.

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of building the power of those affected by harassment


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actions of support taken on the platform

Ways you can support?

Allyship and community support is a proven way to combat the effects of harassment. On our platform, you can read people's stories and click an anonymous "I've Got Your Back" button to show them they aren't alone. You can also sign up to provide direct and meaningful support to those experiencing online harassment. You will receive help requests and will be able to send supportive comments or help report and document online abuse.


About the platform

Right To Be's Hate and Hope tracker is a safe space to share your stories of harassment and bystander intervention, get support, and help others experiencing abuse or disrespect. As we move into the 2024 election season in the United States and already see spikes in hate, we want to collect all types of stories of harassment and hope and allow people to submit media stories on disinformation, hate, and harmful speech. Your story helps us raise awareness and show legislators the realities and impacts of harassment. Share your story now to stand up against hate and reclaim our right to be who we are.

Sharing your story on our platform is also proven to reduce trauma for you - and it helps others too, by letting them know they are not alone.

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Responding to Harassment


Responding to Public Harassment

Our research shows that having some response to public harassment reduces its emotional impact. If you're looking for ideas, we're here to help you out.


The 5 Ds of Bystander Intervention

When we intervene, we slowly chip away at the culture of harassment, and replace it with one of humanity.


Healing from Harassment


Healing and Getting Closure After Harassment at Work

Closure will ultimately come when you truly internalize the fact that the harassment you experienced wasn't your fault.


Resilience in the Face of Crisis

Our goal is to support you in holding space for yourself and making active choices about how you respond to stress and trauma.

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Become a member of the platform

We welcome folks experiencing any form of harassment to share their stories on our platform. If you want to share your online harassment stories or want to support people being harassed online, you'll need to register.

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