"Female police officer"

I experienced blatant sexual harassment, and when I reached out for help, police administration immediately began retaliating against me by filing false complaints against me and by claiming I had suddenly developed “performance issues.” I had been employed almost 10 years, and I had never been disciplined in any way at all, I had never received any complaints, and my performance evaluations had all be great. The false write-ups and the alleged “performance issues”. Literally began the day I reported the harassment. Die the next year, I endured severe
Retaliation to the point that it made me physically sick. I followed the chain of command and asked for help over and over again. None of the town employees would help or do their jobs. The HR director had begun dating the police chief, and
I was later informed they moved in together. Though HR was supposed to attend the “disciplinary” meetings I was continually getting for the false write-up’s, the HR rep would not attend. After a year of asking for help and filing 4 grievances, I hired an employment attorney, who took my case on contingency. The case drug on for over 3 years, which where hell. My reputation was destroyed by the false documents that the chief and his administrative staff CONTINUED to author, even after I left, I could. Or get a job equivalent to the one I had due to the trashing, and I had to move over 3 hours away to find a job at all. At one point during the harassment a sexual battery was committed against me by police staff, but NO ONE would address it at all. I wanted them charged, but no one would do ANYTHING. 3 years later, after my federal case was NOT dismissed in summary judgment, we were scheduled to go to tried. However, the town swooped in and “settled” the case right then. I did not want to settle. I wanted to go to court and hold them accountable. My attorneys were confident that we would win with the evidence we had, but rhe problem was that the town, which employs less than 100 people, had a cap on what they were required to pay by federal law, and my attorneys said if we DID go to court, due to the limited amount of money we could be awarded,
We would lose any profit we may make just in court costs. The attorneys advised to take the settlement due to what court would cost and our limited damages. As part of the settlement, I was forced to sign an NDA. The NDA prohibits me from being able to discuss my case in detail, and it prohibits me from ever reporting the sexual battery. I have been in counseling for over 3 years now, but unfortunately, that does not address these issues. I lost my job. The police
Officials kept their jobs, even though the public was clearly outraged. I don’t know why we have laws in place to address this. They don’t do any good at all.