"Harassed for 5 months by supervisor "

Worked my first full time job with a family owned business. Got close to the woman who trained me but about 3 months in her husband, who was the boss’s right hand man, started making inappropriate comments to me about my looks and my body and how it made him feel. He would stare at me and linger on my body. Talked about me to the other employees, tried to give me money and gifts, would flirt every chance he got. He would tell me about his “pleasant dreams” about me while his pregnant wife was in the other room. I told him stop and that he was making me uncomfortable, but he persisted anyway. And would talk about looking for an apartment in the area so that he could be closer to me. Wanted to take me out after work even after I created a boundary showing no interest in anything other than work. I was scared to tell anyone since everyone in higher ups were basically family. There was no legitimate HR department and his wife was having a compliance pregnancy that I was afraid of making worse with that kind of news. After staying for 9 months I quit without notice. I had been dealing with regular panic attacks, stress so bad my stomach always hurt. I couldn’t sleep and when I did I’d have nightmares. Even after being gone, I feel like I’m not the same. I made myself so small to try to be unnoticeable and draw as little attention as possible. I wanted to be invisible and it lingered outside of work and into my personal life to the point where I look down on myself and feel insecure.