"Ear Pervert on the Bus"

I was coming home after work by bus. It was still light and I was listening to music on the headphones. A young and VERY muscular man walked in wearing thin and super short shorts visibly without underwear. I sit in the hallway to have an exit route in bad situations. Even with a lot of empty seats, he stood next to me. The bus wasn't shaking that much, but I felt he bump into my shoulder several times. I thought it's strange but it was all in my head, until I felt him getting excited and rubbing my EAR! Totally disgusting! I tried to pull away and signal discomfort, but in vain. When I was about to react, he realized it and went to the back of the bus. So I thought maybe he didn't doing this intentionally and felt a kind of discomfort. So, 2 bus stop later I got up to leave the bus and saw that he was doing the exact same thing with an older woman. I was mad at myself for days for not noticing this obvious harassment and for not being able to react. Even though, I suffered and witnessed other abuses after that and I was also unable to react and I was wondering if it was harassment again.