"Targeted individual hate crime"

woke up in the middle of the day, forcing my sleep-deprived eyes to adjust quickly to the bright sunlight. I was exhausted, physically and mentally. Every sound, every shadow had started to feel like some covert signal, some secret message being passed around by these gang stalkers
I tried to work got harassed and sexual assaulted at that workplace I'm 56 years old bisexual black physically and mentally disabled female. Ashame low self-esteem and depressed
My house, which I had called home for a few good years, had turned into an ambivalent entity—my haven at times, my prison at others. My thoughts often wandered back to those early days, when living here reflected my independence and peace.Tired and desperate, but undeterred, I started reaching out to everyone I can think of every organizations no justice
relating my story to anybody who would lend an empathetic ear. I aimed it at discussing the clandestine world of gang stalking, bringing light to the plight of countless silent victims like me suffering racist-driven community harassment. I hoped against hope that my voice would incite change, shattering the eerie silence post-traumatic stress disorder anxiety that had taken over the air of my community.I believe that everyone deserves justice and protection against such injustices, regardless of their financial circumstances. I am determined to fight for my rights and put an end to this cycle of harassment assault stalking hate and discrimination