"Everyday Illegal Harassment "

I’ve been dealing with this for the past 3 years, now going on 4. I’m the type of person who minds Her own business and stays out the way. I’ve always been this way, and fell in love with someone who believes in the same thing. We made Our family of 4 and live a quiet peaceful God praying life. When the pandemic started, We noticed a huge change. We were living in a house, it was around the corner from Our child’s school. I had a really good job and was 3 weeks from becoming a manager. Before I could get that opportunity, I was wrongfully fired. With My husband being the only source of income, We had no choice but to leave the home We built for Our family. Soon after, My mother was “arrested” but was later found to be innocent. The same day of her arrest, We had random people parked outside Her house. Later She was able to go back to work, and it seemed like everything was back to normal. I was wrong. The cars parked turned into cars following My family of 4 EVERYWHERE!!!! It seemed there was nowhere We could go without the same tented vehicles following Us. I soon was not able to work. Every and any job I’ve had since 2020, will use Me for My skills, fire Me illegally….. and all evidence gets swept under the rug. Any SSM or devices I get, instantly get hacked and traced. My daughter is 9 but has 3 credit cards in Her name, We NEVER signed Her up for anything other than Medicaid (in which We get denied). I’ve gone to the police, they told Me there’s nothing I can do because there is no evidence of such Harassment and Stalking. Even with picture and videos proof, they tell Me I’m just paranoid. I can’t work, I can’t get assistance from any state (tho I qualify). I can’t go for a jog without cars and random people following Me. 2 years ago My husband was walking home, and was hit by a car. That car was never looked for by police and they completely got away with it. He’s still having med problems today after that incident. My kids get bullied and harassed at school, and staff see it and look the other way. I have been homeless and on the streets, while My kids and husband take shelter. I did this to test and see how long they would keep this up. Believe Me, it didn’t stop them. We are good people who don’t bother anyone, no criminal records or such. Yet We are treated like criminals and stripped of basic human rights. I’ve been stressed and scared for My family everyday since this all began. Please tell Me there’s someone out there who’s going thru or went thru the same thing. This is torture!!!!