"Mad people are never safe"

I am white, Jewish, cisgender, middle class and queer. I have an incredibly amount of safety and privilege. I also am Mad and have a long history of being psychiatrized and incarcerated in psychiatry. There is constant pathologizing, violence and microaggressions, labeling and lack of safety within all spaces - ever super amazing progressive spaces. I also have some health disabilities and had a brain tumor. But white privilege protects me from systemic oppression and the cops, but I still am extremely fearful of being locked up by psychiatrists again. I have also witnessed extreme racist violence in psychiatry - forced drugging, involuntary incarceration and other violence especially against Black men and unhoused or precariously housed people.
Mad people are being horribly harassed and criminalized in Tkaronto right now....I am very safe being white and middle class and "passing" as non-Mad.